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Restaurant Club Vila Bran

Traditional Romanian restaurant

The Traditional Sheepfold restaurant is situated on the top of the hill, offering a spectacular view of the Bran Castle and the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains.

The décor is all rustic, with wooden logs encased in the walls, two hanging fireplaces, interior fountain anda grotto that acts as a separate wing of the restaurant. Inside the restaurant there is a nice playground for children.
The entertainment evenings from the Traditional Sheepfold Restaurant means: bonfire with folk music and mulled wine, international music live recital, concerts of well known Romanian artists, the Club Vila Bran mascots parade, karaoke, music trivias and disco.

Restaurant entertainment

You can enjoy the terraces offering a panoramic view of the surroundings whilst serving traditional Romanian dishes.

Here, you can have traditional Romanian dishes.

Model Grounds

* Inside the Club Vila Bran premises and restaurants, it is strictly forbidden to consume any kind of food or beverages purchased from outside the complex.
* Decent attire is required when entering the restaurants (wearing bathing suits is not allowed!).
* Having a decent conduct comes as a mandatory condition for all of our guests. Any kind of abusive, threatening or violent behavior will not be tolerated and consequences can translate into ending your stay at Club Vila Bran. We reserve the right to select our customers.
* Accommodation fees do not include any kind of charges for the facilities nor for the activities offered by Club Vila Bran (such as concerts, recitals, theater plays, games, contests, etc). All these are offered free of charge and are only conditioned by availability and respecting the rules and usage protocols imposed by Club Vila Bran.